Friends of High Crags

Just over 8 years ago Friends of High Crags PTA was created and since then we have gone from strength to strength.

High Crags Primary School is situated in a densely populated area of Windhill with a thriving community. Although this are has seen many challenges over the years, Friends of High Crags has risen to face these challenges, and has exceeded fundraising targets year on year.

In 2010, the Friends of High Crags were honoured to receive the community hero’s award for our services to the community in Windhill and in 2012, we were privileged to receive the then Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Dale Smith, who opened our summer fun day.

It is a privilege to serve as chair of Friends of high Crags and offer grateful thanks to all my committee members ans staff who give up their precious time to help us achieve so much with so little.

Our aim is to support High Crags Primary School and serve the local community by  fund raising events providing much needed funds for the School and community. High Crags excels in making a difference, bringing much enjoyment, stability and a high standard of eduction to the children of the local community. We are fundamentally aware of the complexities of our community and although we are not able to cure all the woes, we do go a long way to alleviating the symptoms. We in the committee go above and beyond their responsibilities by engaging with the community in such a way that is unique and only achievable because we are local residents who understand the local issues facing us.

We would welcome any new members with new ideas and some spare time to help out. Please contact the school if you would like any more information.

Andrew Rowley
Friends of High Crags PTA